Your Guide to Dubai Health Authority Services

Published 8 months ago on 2 April 2023
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If you’re looking for medical services in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide provides information on the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and its services. We’ll discuss the Sheryan system, DHA facilities, and services for individuals. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, we’ve got you covered.

About DHA

The Beginning

Established in 2007, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is a government organization responsible for providing top-notch health services in Dubai. The authority oversees the public and private health sectors, ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality medical care.

DHA’s Mission and Vision

The DHA’s mission is to develop an integrated and sustainable healthcare system. Their vision is to create a healthy and happy community that enjoys a long and high-quality life.

DHA’s Core Values

The Dubai Health Authority’s core values are transparency, accountability, teamwork, innovation, and respect. These values guide the organization in achieving its goals.

Sheryan System

What is Sheryan?

Sheryan is the DHA’s online licensing system. It allows healthcare professionals to apply for and manage their professional licenses. The system simplifies the licensing process and improves efficiency.

Sheryan DHA Login

To access the Sheryan system, you must create a DHA login. Registration is simple and requires basic personal information. Once registered, you can manage your license, view exam results, and access other e-services.

Dubai Health Authority Registration

Healthcare professionals must be registered with the DHA to practice in Dubai. The registration process requires the submission of relevant documents, including qualifications, experience certificates, and a good standing certificate. You can complete the Dubai Health Authority registration online through the Sheryan system.

Dubai Health Authority Exam

The DHA requires healthcare professionals to pass a licensure examination. The Dubai Health Authority exam tests the applicant’s knowledge and skills in their chosen specialty. You can schedule the exam through the Sheryan system.

DHA Facilities

Hospitals and Health Centers

The DHA operates several public hospitals and health centers throughout Dubai. These facilities offer a wide range of services, from general medicine to specialized treatments. Some of the notable DHA facilities include:

  • Rashid Hospital
  • Latifa Hospital
  • Hatta Hospital
  • Dubai Hospital
  • Al Barsha Health Center
  • Al Mizhar Health Center

Dubai Health Authority Address

The Dubai Health Authority’s headquarters is located at Building 64, Block E, Dubai Healthcare City, Umm Hurair 2, P.O. Box 4545, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

DHA Services for Individuals

Dubai Health Authority E-Services

The DHA offers several e-services to make accessing healthcare more convenient. Some of these services include:

  • Booking appointments
  • Checking test results
  • Renewing health cards
  • Registering for vaccinations
  • Accessing medical records

Insurance and Health Cards

All Dubai residents must have health insurance. The DHA issues health cards, which allow residents to access public healthcare facilities. You can apply for a health card online or at any DHA facility.


Telemedicine is a service provided by the DHA that allows patients to consult with healthcare professionals remotely. This service is especially beneficial for those who cannot visit a healthcare facility in person or require medical advice from a distance. Patients can schedule virtual appointments and video consultations with doctors, making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Preventive Services

The DHA emphasizes the importance of preventive healthcare in maintaining a healthy community. They offer various preventive services, such as:

  • Vaccination programs for children and adults
  • Screening programs for early detection of diseases
  • Health awareness campaigns and education programs
  • Workplace wellness initiatives

Mental Health Services

Recognizing the importance of mental health, the DHA provides services to address the mental wellbeing of residents. These services include counseling, psychiatric treatment, and support programs for various mental health conditions.

Rehabilitation Services

The DHA offers rehabilitation services for individuals recovering from injuries, surgeries, or chronic conditions. These services aim to improve patients’ quality of life by restoring their physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning. Rehabilitation services provided by the DHA include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Dental Services

Dental health is an essential aspect of overall wellbeing. The DHA provides comprehensive dental services, ranging from routine checkups to complex dental procedures. They offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services to ensure good oral health for all residents.

Maternal and Child Health Services

The DHA is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of mothers and children. They offer a variety of services, including:

  • Prenatal care and counseling
  • Childbirth and postnatal care
  • Pediatric care and vaccinations
  • Child development and early intervention programs

Elderly Care Services

The DHA recognizes the importance of caring for the elderly population. They provide various services to support the health and wellbeing of older adults, such as:

  • Geriatric medicine
  • Home healthcare
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Preventive health screenings

In Conclusion

The Dubai Health Authority offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of its residents. From preventive care to specialized treatments, the DHA is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services in Dubai. By using the Sheryan system and other e-services, individuals can easily access and manage their healthcare needs. With the continuous improvement and expansion of its services, the DHA is paving the way for a healthier and happier community in Dubai.